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GreenStone is an ownership investment facilitated by PIPESTONE to create and capture value for farmers in the U.S. carbon market. As a farmer-owned company, GreenStone will take a common-sense approach to carbon farming, with a focus on positioning farmers for success in this new economic opportunity for their farms.


Owned Directly By Farmers

This is not another “program”, this is an investment opportunity for farmers to own the company that sells their carbon credits.

Common Sense Approach

Existing programs get caught up in “precision” modeling and additionality. GreenStone will advocate for a Pay for Practice methodology that pays farmers to maintain existing carbon farming programs and enhance new carbon farming practices. 

Difference Maker

With a goal to be the largest carbon farming company in the market, GreenStone will be a difference maker for climate change and a market maker for farmers. 

"I am enrolling in Greenstone Farms because I believe there is tremendous value in selling carbon credits directly to the end user. Most farmers are already achieving carbon sequestration through green practices and should be able to capitalize through Greenstone Farms rather than going through a third party."

Ben Bader
Bader & Bader, Iowa

Our farm has been utilizing no-till, strip-till and cover crops for many years. There are no carbon credit programs available for us to participate in. I believe Greenstone can change the narrative in the carbon market to get companies to see the value in farmers who have been using green practices for years. We want to be an owner in a company like Greenstone.

Mike Ver Steeg
Prestige Pork, Iowa